MPA is introducing a new case management system

On 26 November 2019, the Swedish Medical Products Agency will implement a new case management system. The goal is to have a workflow-based case management system covering all areas within the authority to simplify and streamline the case management and improve the ability to meet new legal requirements.

As a first step, the system will facilitate and improve the authority's handling of licensing of medicinal products. The new system will handle all application types in the area such as new applications for marketing authorisation of medicinal products, variation applications, renewals, applications for parallel import etcetera.

In connection to the implementation of the system, the staff working in the area of licensing will have limitations in answering calls and emails. If possible, avoid contacting the assessors throughout week 48 and expect longer response time than usual on emails. If urgent, please call the Swedish Medical Products Agency switchboard, +46 (0)18 174600.

From Monday 2 December, we expect to go back to normal routines, but still we ask for your patience on eventual delays.


Monica Lidberg
Director Division of Licensing