Cooperation agreement finalised with Brazil’s medical products agency ANVISA

Monday, July 04, 2011

The Medical Products Agency has signed a cooperation agreement with its Brazilian counterpart ANVISA. The aim of the agreement is to increase the exchange of information and experience within the areas of the improved use of medical products, sustainable development, resistance to antibiotics, medical technology, electronic submissions and pharmacopoeia and pharmacovigilance activities.

As well as ANVISA, the Medical Product Agency’s environmental director Charlotte Unger and board chairman Mats Larson have also meet representatives from the Brazilian Ministry of Health, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and an organisation working with sustainable development and healthcare issues.

“We have enjoyed constructive meetings with productive discussions. One specific area with many points of interaction between ANVISA and ourselves was the work to promote the better use of medical products. Here, the Medical Products Agency was able to present the main implications of the Swedish government’s coming national strategy for medical products, which was received with great interest,” says Mats Larson, who also notes that the Director General of the Brazilian agency is very positive to the cooperation between the two countries. “This increases the chances of achieving positive results in the future,” he says.

The Medical Products Agency’s proposals for tighter environmental control of pharmaceutical manufacture also received a positive response. This is yet another aspect of the Swedish government’s work with a national strategy for medical products.

“Thanks to this agreement, we have now formalised an important global cooperation within several of our agency’s prioritised areas,” says Charlotte Unger. “This work is of great importance. It will involve a number of the agency’s co-workers and contribute to our ambition of being a leading cooperative force in the drive to better health,” she concludes.


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