Warning regarding slimming products containing dinitrophenol

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish National Food Agency hereby issue a warning regarding the substance 2,4 Dinitrophenol, also known as DNP. This substance has been found in the slimming product Pure Caffeine 200, which can be bought through foreign Internet webshops. DNP has caused severe cases of acute toxicity and death.

DNP affects the body’s metabolism: both oxygen consumption and energy production are affected. This leads to too much thermal energy being produced and the body temperature increasing and there is a risk of acute fatal complications as a result of hyperthermia.

Signs of acute toxicity

Even after small amounts of DNP have been ingested, there is a large risk of severe adverse effects and that pronounced symptoms of acute toxicity are displayed.

- Early signs of acute DNP toxicity are heavy sweating, muscle pain, high pulse, high fever and breathing difficulties. At a later stage there is also liver and kidney damage, cramping, unconsciousness and disturbances to the heart rhythm, says Mark Personne, senior consultant at the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Advice to consumers

If you are using a product that contains DNP or if you suspect that the product you have bought may contain DNP, we advise you as follows:

  • Do not use the product.
  • If there are symptoms, contact the health care service or the Poisons Information Centre.
  • Report suspicious products to the Medical Products Agency. It is perfectly OK to do this anonymously.

Sold via the Internet

The Swedish Medical Products Agency and the Swedish National Food Agency do not currently know of any sales of products containing DNP on the Swedish market. However, there are products that can be bought from foreign webshops.

- We can see that the webshops are directed at Swedish consumers as the websites are in Swedish. It is therefore probable that there are Swedish consumers buying and using these products, says Marie Kerttu, assessor at the Medical Products Agency.

One of these products is called Pure Caffeine 200 and has been analyzed in Germany. The analysis showed that the tablets contain approximately 300 mg 2,4-dinitrophenol. It was not stated on the packaging that the product contained the substance.

- People think that there is only caffeine in this product and do not suspect that it also contains DNP. This can have unforeseen consequences, says Marie Kerttu

There is no antidote to DNP and patients who have taken DNP risk death despite expert intensive care treatment.

- This shows how dangerous it can be to buy slimming products and other untested products from irresponsible websites, says Marie Kerttu.


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Marie Kerttu



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