MPA's contributes to a positive change in the use of medicines for children

Friday, October 23, 2015

Children have a right to safe and effective use of well-documented medicines. Efforts are made both on international and national levels to increase the development of medicines for children, but these changes take time. In 2011 the MPA was assigned a government commission as a part of the National Pharmaceutical Strategy, "Expand the knowledge of paediatric medicines and their use".

Earlier the development of medicines for children has been insufficient and children have therefore been treated with medicines that have not been developed for children. Health care professionals have pointed to knowledge gaps and potential safety issues with the use of medicines not adapted to children. To mitigate these issues, initiatives are ongoing internationally as well as on the national level to stimulate research and development of medicines for children. These changes take time.

Over the years the MPA has conducted a series of inventories of paediatric use of medicines in areas where more knowledge is required or where safety issues have been identified.
The MPA has close collaboration with representatives from the paediatric healthcare and has arranged several meetings with representatives from different areas to identify therapeutic areas with insufficient evidence.   

To produce treatment guidelines for the selected areas the MPA has arranged expert meetings to compile existing evidence and best practice. Focus has been given to areas which the representatives of the paediatric healthcare system have prioritized and areas associated with safety problems. During the last year guidelines for Treatment of Sleep Disturbances in Children and Management of RSV Infections have been published.

Because changes in the access to adapted medicines for children takes time, children’s special needs will remain in the foreseeable future.  Therefore the MPA considers this government commission to be a long term commitment to create positive changes in the use of medicines for children.


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