Medicines is the area that engages the most employees. As investigators, standard-setters and discussion partners during the development of new human and veterinary medicines, we have a very active role to play.

Even when a medicine is finally approved, we follow its use and advise those who prescribe it, i.e. doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and, in certain cases, nurses within health and medical care, as well as the general public. Following up and acting on possible adverse effects is just as important. In addition to controlling medicines and providing information about them, we are also assigned the job of approving clinical trials and granting licenses for the use of non-approved medicines.

A further task of the Swedish Medical Products Agency is to support Swedish society in general when economic, administrative or other measures related to medicines are required. Such issues can include prescribing routines, reported adverse effects, the cost-effectiveness of medicines, the medicinal needs of special groups, preventing the risk of misuse, the environmental effects of medicines, or prescribing replacements by generic alternatives.



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