Documents and meeting information

Conference on Sustainable Development and Pharmaceuticals. 10-11 November 2009 in Uppsala, Sweden.

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 Final Agenda.doc 2009-11-09
 Practical information Uppsala.doc 2009-11-05
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 part1 nr1 Introduction Charlotte Unger.ppt 2009-11-11
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 part 1 nr2 Karl-Henrik Robért.ppt 2009-11-11
 part2 nr2 Mike Murray.ppt 2009-12-04
 part2 nr3 Sean Bowler.ppt 2009-11-11
 part2 nr4 Jean-Marc Vidal.ppt 2009-11-11
 part2 nr1 Lisa Anfält.ppt 2009-11-11
 part 2 nr6 Axel Singhofen.ppt 2009-11-11
 Questions for voting and discussions.ppt 2009-11-11
 part2 nr5 Peter Korytar.ppt 2009-11-17


NOTE: The presentations will be available on monday 9th November. This means that you will be able to download the correct version before the meeting or print out copies needed.

The meeting will be held in English. No interpreters will be available.

No extra copies or USBs will be distributed during the meeting.


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