Working within the EU

The Swedish Medical Products Agency’s goal is to actively take part in and influence the EU’s system of control in order to ensure that only safe and efficacious medicines, medicine-related products and medical devices reach the European and, therefore, the Swedish market.

An important part of the European cooperation relates to developing new standards for medicines, an important issue especially with regard to the rapid scientific progress we now see within this sector. The Swedish Medical Products Agency thus participates actively with working groups within the EU; clinical effect and safety issues, biotechnology, quality, pre-clinical safety issues, following up side effects, and medical device issues, for example.

The European system of approval affords many advantages. New medicines become available on the market faster, which is beneficial for both patients and manufacturers. By utilising the collective competence that can be found in different European agencies, this accelerated process is achieved without compromising the quality of the investigations. Duplicated work is also avoided.


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