The Swedish pharmacy market

A re-regulation of the Swedish pharmacy market took place on July 1st, 2009, allowing the establishment of private pharmacies. Since then the total number of pharmacies in Sweden has increased from approximately 950 to over 1400.

Permits and supervision by the Swedish Medical Products Agency

The Swedish Medical Products Agency is the responsible authority for reviewing applications and for issuing a permit for each community pharmacy in Sweden. A permit can only be granted when compliance with certain requirements regulating ownership, pharmaceutical competence, premises, staffing etc. are shown or otherwise guaranteed by the applicant.

It is the law on sales of medicinal products (SFS 2009:366) that dictates who can own a pharmacy in Sweden. By this dictate producers of medicinal products, Market Authorisation Holders (MAH), and prescribers of medicinal products (e.g. doctors, dentists and veterinarians) are not allowed to own pharmacies in Sweden.

The Swedish Medical Products Agency also maintains supervision over all pharmacies in Sweden.

For a list of all the pharmacies with a permit, click on the hyperlink (“Öppenvårdsapotek med tillstånd”) below. The list is in the MS Excel format.

 Öppenvårdsapotek med tillstånd (2020-02-14)

Below is a short description of the data depicted in each column of the list. It is our ambition to ensure that the list is updated weekly.

Column A: “Län”
Depicts in which county the pharmacy is located

Column B: “Kommun”
Depicts in which municipality the pharmacy is located

Column C: “Apotekets namn”
Depicts the name of the pharmacy

Column D: “Besöksadress”
Depicts the address (e.g. street name and street number) to the pharmacy
Column E: “Postnummer”
Depicts the postal zip-code

Column F: “Ort”
Depicts the city where the pharmacy is located

Column G: “Tillståndshavare”
Depicts the name of the company that owns the pharmacy and to whom the permit is issued
Column H: ”Tillstånd diarienr”
Depicts the reference number on the permit issued by the Medical Products Agency

Column I: “Tillstånd giltigt från”
Depicts the date of the permit

eHälsomyndigheten (Swedish eHealth Agency) – service provider for pharmacies

eHälsomyndigheten (Swedish eHealth Agency) is responsible for some infrastructure and service systems that all pharmacies in Sweden must be connected to and use – e.g. pharmaceutical registry, the prescription registry and the annual healthcare fee-limit database.
eHälsomyndigheten (Swedish eHealth Agency) is also responsible for the review and authorization of the IT-systems used by the pharmacies for expedition of prescriptions.


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