A recall of a medicinal product means that the product will be withdrawn from the market. A recall will be necessary when a product could cause damage, injury or inconvenience to the consumer and may affect one or several batches or the whole product.

The Swedish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry AB (Läkemedelsindustriföreningens Service AB, LIF) has in cooperation with the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket), Apoteket AB (the former National Corporation of Pharmacies) and the distributors (wholesale dealers) developed guidelines for the handling of complaints and recalls as a tool to prepare company specific procedures.

Code of statutes (in Swedish)

 Läkemedelsverkets föreskrifter (2004:6) om god tillverkningssed för läkemedel

 Läkemedelsverkets föreskrifter (LVFS 2014:8) om partihandel med läkemedel

Degree of seriousness

In the recall form the Rapid Alert System (RAS) classification should be stated in accordance with the “Procedure for Handling Rapid alerts and Recalls arising from Quality Defects”.

Further information will be found at the web site of EMA:

 Procedure for Handling Rapid Alerts and Recalls Arising from Quality Defects

The classification states the degree of seriousness:

Class I: Potentially life threatening or could cause a serious risk to health.
Class II: Defects that could cause illness or mistreatment, but are not Class I.
Class III: Defects that may not pose a significant hazard to health, but withdrawal may have been initiated for other reasons.

The Swedish Medical Products Agency is responsible for ensuring that the Rapid Alert is sent on to the other authorities in the Rapid Alert System. 

Recall Form

A new recall form has been developed for handling recalls and should be used.

 Indragningar av läkemedel (information in swedish)

 Blankett för indragning (word format, in Swedish)

 Vägledning - blankett för indragning (pdf format, in Swedish)

 Blankett för riktad indragning (word format, in Swedish)

 Vägledning - blankett för riktad indragning (pdf format, in Swedish)

Initiating a recall

Everyone manufacturing or trading medicinal products has to have systems for handling recalls. Procedures must be in place for a possible recall when a medicinal product has been judged to be recalled.

A recall can be initiated by the manufacturer/pharmaceutical company or by the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Before a recall is started the Swedish Medical Products Agency always should be contacted for information and advice on the extent of the recall and current RAS classification.

Normally a recall may be necessary only from the dealers, hospitals and drug supplies at hospitals etc. But, if during the investigation/assessment of the issue/case the defect is judged to be serious and may be potentially life threatening or could cause a serious risk to health, the product may also be recalled from the consumers.

All decisions of recalls must be taken in consultation with the Medical Products Agency.

Contact the responsible persons for complaints and recalls:

Inspection Unit
Phone: +46 18 17 46 00
Fax: +46 18 54 85 66

The final recall form as a pdf document should be sent to for publishing on the Swedish Medical Product Agency’s web site and to for registration and filing.

Every recall in accordance with this system is published here:

 Indragningar (Information in Swedish) 


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 Indragningar (Information in Swedish)


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